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Gaia-Oasis offers a Yoga & Healing session several days a week for our guests who stay at the Gaia Mountain Retreat. Classes are held at our “Abasan” Mountain Retreat only. In keeping with Abasan’s humanitarian, social & spiritual focus, all yoga & healing sessions at our Foundation are free of charge.

The session differs depending on the practitioner in residence; and may include yoga, dance, bodywork, meditation or some other form of healing work. If you would like to join a Yoga & Healing session at Abasan, please inform any of our friendly employees in advance, so that we can support your needs. As far as possible, our programs are designed for everybody, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner.

If you are staying at the Gaia Beach Resort and would like Yoga classes, our office can help arrange private classes on a paid basis at Gaia Beach. You are also welcome to join the free public yoga classes organized by Gaia Foundation in the Tejakula village hall, subject to availability.

  01 – 13 of January 2019,Dr. Hans Kugler
Hans practices yoga and meditation since he studied philosophy in the 1970-ties. He became a yoga teacher almost 20 years ago and after that spent one year at a yoga university in India.
His focus is yoga for work life and stress management, being also a trainer for yoga teachers in this field.
As such Hans has publishes his book „Business Yoga Sutras“ a few years ago.
He teaches HATHA-Yoga as a mindful practice with body and breath, where an interplay of action (HA)
and relaxation (THA) allows to stimulate, balance or calm down energy.
Deep relaxation also serves as a door way to the inner most and spiritual SELF.
In his classes Hans works with joints, back and spine as well as flexibility, balance and energy.
   14 – 29 of January 2019, Linda Bezdekova
Hi! My name is Linda and I am certified yoga teacher from Czech Republic. I’ve been travelling since very young age. My first solo international trip was when I was 15years old. It took me until I experienced hectic lifestyle of living 6 years in USA when yoga took me on the most thrilling journey – the ever changing landscape within, the journey back to myself. Breathwork, playful vinyasa, vulnerable yin, empowering Kundalini meditations and Cacao ceremonies have been some of the most powerful tools I’ve experienced. I’m passionate about the symbiosis of our worlds within and without. I encourage everyone to create space for pausing and taking step back. Investigating and getting curious about ourselves, our believes of us and the world around, reactions and thought patterns in various situations all the way to the simplest day to day habits. Challenging the status quo, “they way things are done”, and by facing our own insecurities we give ourselves the chance to dissolve blocks that might come up. Showing up for ourselves is one of the greatest self-love offering we can give and receive. I encourage softness and allowing the process to happen and integrate in its own time, rather than falling in head first and forcing it. This creates an opportunity to notice what really works for each of us, to invite changes that are sustainable and to establish alignment within.
  01-31 of March 2019, Eline Janine Muller
My name is Eline. I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I work as a forensic and clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and yoga teacher. I finished my yoga teacher (YTT200) training in the mountains of Guatemala.
On this sacred Mayan grounds I experienced we are part of nature and nature is part of us. In my own life I discovered practicing and studying yoga is guiding me in the journey of life. I came to realize that the universe is so much kinder and wiser than I could ever imagine.  So to me yoga is a spiritual path in the first place and at the same time the lessons are so down to earth.
The asana practice is a tool to unite body, mind and spirit. To unite our daily life with our spiritual life.
So yoga is never just about the physical practice. It is also about the flexibility of the mind.
We learn to feel, respect and reflect on our own boundaries and at the same time consciously setting new boundaries there where they serve our body and our true self.
My classes follow the rhythm of nature: with respect to the seasons, the elements, the sun and the moon. Connected to the time of day, being more dynamic and energetic in the mornings and more reflective and restorative in the evenings.
Through yoga we learn and connect to ourselves, others and all beings.
This is how I teach. For everyone, for every body, every day.
  01-30 April 2019, Elisabeth Mark
I teach Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga. I have been teaching Yoga for 7 years in different locations.
Mainly I am teaching at the gym, health center and companies. My focus is on the breath and bring people back into balance. Here in Munich people are so stressed. They enjoy it to come in my class to take a break from all the stress. I am not a teacher who does a lot of hands on because people should have fun and should not get the feeling to get under pressure. Yoga is for me the moment to come down, feel my body, my breath and come back to the present. Also thats the moment to charge the batteries, stretch and hold the body fit. This is exactly what I teach to the people. I am able to teach beginners and medium level. I don´t teach advanced classes or acrobatics.
   01-31 May 2019, Atmavani (Jacqui Fletcher)
My name is Atmavani (Jacqui Fletcher) and I am a full-time Yoga teacher based on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.I have a strong interest in health and wellbeing so both my own practise and teaching have developed a strong therapeutic focus. Each week, I have a particular theme to my classes. The inspiration for these themes comes from a variety of sources including the seasons, Yogic philosophy, student requests and health issues identified by the students themselves.I teach an integrative style of Yoga that pieces together a range of different practices from a wide variety of Yoga styles. With Hatha Yoga at its core, this tradition also borrows from Raja, Karma, Jnana, Mantra and Bhakti Yoga styles to form a wholistic approach. With this blending of practices from a number of different Yoga styles, the idea is to try as many as you can and then choose the ones that best suit you. The philosophy behind this Yoga tradition recognizes that everyone is different and, therefore, each person requires a unique combination of practices to bring them into balance and harmony.A key feature of this style of Yoga is its adaptability to suit almost all levels of student mobility and flexibility. This means that if you can’t tie yourself into a pretzel or even sit on the floor, you can still participate. Practises can be as challenging as the students’ capacity allows and tailored to address a whole range of health issues. Stress reduction and the tools to deal with the symptoms of stress as they occur, are also important and highly valued outcomes.I found this style of Yoga during a period in my life when I was seriously ill with an auto-immune disease. As with all such illnesses, stress plays a big part in my level of wellbeing. When I attended my first class, I couldn’t believe the level of relaxation I had achieved in just an hour and a half of practice. I was hooked immediately!!!I decided I needed to find a way to incorporate Yoga into my everyday life. Having an extremely stressful career, I just knew it was time for a change. So I spent two and a half years training full-time with the Academy of Yoga Science at Mangrove Yoga ashram on the Central Coast of New South Wales. As well as a comprehensive study of Yoga, the course delivers well-rounded training with the inclusion of exercise science and anatomy & physiology subjects.I am now doing what I love and feel I was meant to do – I believe I have found my dharma – and I look forward to sharing my passion with you!
   01 June-13 July 2019, Carolin Sahej Dhyan Kaur Lüthe
My name is Carolin Sahej Dhyan Kaur Lüthe and I am from Germany. I practice Yoga since 2009. Since July 2017 I am Kundalini Yoga teacher Level 1 and since March 2018 Childrens Yoga Teacher.
Kundalini Yoga is for body, mind and soul. It helps you to be happy, healthy and holy in your life and the mantras and music we use there are really touching the heart.
This Yoga really changed me and my life and I hope to give a little of that magic to you, too.
I have expiriences in teaching children at an elementary school as well as teaching adults.
I am very excited to meet you at Gaia Oasis in June/July 2019.


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