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Gaia-Oasis offers a Yoga & Healing session several days a week for our guests. The session differs depending on the practitioner in residence; and may include yoga, dance, bodywork, meditation or some other form of healing work.

If you would like to join a Yoga & Healing session, please inform any of our friendly employees in advance, so that we can support your needs. As far as possible, our programs are designed for everybody, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner.

      Foto Dirkje Zondervan 1 – 31 of January 2017, Dirkje Zondervan, received her yoga teacher certificate at Mahindra Institute in Frankfurt after a 3-year course in 1996. She taught at the Mahindra Institute, first in Frankfurt, and then in Birstein, when the Institute moved there to establish a yoga and ayurvedic centre.Dirkje teaches hatha yoga in the traditional style, and she has also followed stages at Iyengar in Pune and Munich. Recently she participated in a seminar with Dinah Rodrigues who specializes in Hormon Yoga. Besides Yoga, she is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner since 2001. Dirkje has taught at the Barberyn ayurvedic health resort in Sri Lanka several times, and has followed courses in ayurvedic therapy.  She is very interested in holistic healing and  glad to be able to share her knowledge with other people.We hope that you will enjoy Dirkje’s classes here at Gaia-Oasis .
 Amanda Smith  1-29 of February 2017, Amanda Smith My classes are a Vinyasa style yoga and Yin yoga, tailored for the absolute beginner with options for more experienced students.
I have a daily yoga and meditation practice which I believe is essential to continue to grow, learn and teach this ancient practice that I feel very privileged to be sharing. My greatest joy is to see others growing and opening to more of themselves, observing how their own transformation brings such a sense of excitement, passion and a love of this art form.
My other interests are cooking and traveling.
English is my mother tongue and I speak fluent French, conversational Italian and am familiar with Spanish and Indonesian.
 ina-radhika 1 – 30 of April 2017, Ina Radhika Dobianer, from Hamburg, Germany.I am a yoga teacher, dance therapist and an authorized teacher on a spiritual path of native American shamanism.
I love movement and spirituality since I was a child and I like challenging myself and others to grow and seek beauty and strength within.
In the early 90s I got to know Vipassana meditation through 10-day-retreat experiences in Germany, Austria and France. I became an apprentice on a spiritual path and took part in several spiritual festivals and workshops, which included dancing, drumming, meditation and yoga.
When I got to know Yoga more deeply, I felt like having found the source of movement!! I started my Yoga education in 2008 and finished in 2009. We had already invited a yoga teacher to our clinic and I was her assistant for several years. When I finished my own education I took over her classes and since 2009 I am leading yoga classes for kids and teens and freelanced for adults. I visit a yoga ashram regulary for intense practice and to evolve my knowledge as yoga teacher.
For me, Yoga is a wonderful way to become aware, well-balanced, to attain serenity and live life fully. Through the combination of meditation, movement, breathing, visualization and relaxation, every human aspect is addressed and able to heal and grow towards the light.
I teach traditional hatha yoga classes, as well as a combination of yoga and dance. My lessons are influenced by my spiritual path to become aware that everything outside is inside us. My special interest is to open a space where people can experience who they really are. To say it with the yoga mantra „so ham“: I am not this body and not this mind, I am an eternal soul! We are not humans having a spiritual experience but spirits having a human experience!
 jacqui 8 – 31 of May 2017, Jacqui Fletcher, I am a full-time Yoga teacher based on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.
I have a strong interest in health and wellbeing so both my own practise and teaching have developed a strong therapeutic focus. Each week, I have a particular theme to my classes. The inspiration for these themes comes from a variety of sources including the seasons, Yogic philosophy, student requests and health issues identified by the students themselves.I teach an integrative style of Yoga that pieces together a range of different practices from a wide variety of Yoga styles. With Hatha Yoga at its core, this tradition also borrows from Raja, Karma, Jnana, Mantra and Bhakti Yoga styles to form a wholistic approach. With this blending of practices from a number of different Yoga styles, the idea is to try as many as you can and then choose the ones that best suit you. The philosophy behind this Yoga tradition recognizes that everyone is different and, therefore, each person requires a unique combination of practices to bring them into balance and harmony.
 ruth-fabianke 1 Jul – 28 of August 2017,Ruth Fabianke before becoming a yoga-teacher, Ruth (born 1960 in Hamburg, Germany) studied social sciences and worked till the end of 2004 at different places in leading positions. She realized that many things in society called social are not social at all for the people involved. 2005 became a turning point in her life. She concentrated on studying and teaching yoga. Grounded on the mental heritage of Sri Aurobindo (1872 – 1950), one of India´s greatest yogis and spiritual teachers Ruth assimilated techniques and methods of other yoga-traditions – for example Yogi Bahjan, Sivananda, Iyengar, Desikachar. Finally all paths of yoga want to reach the same goal. In this way she creates her own lessons which might help people to become more aware of their body and hold it agile, to relax their mind and to come to an inner silence for meeting the Self. This is what Ruth´s yoga is for – in between a lovely surrounding to become more conscious, sensitive and respectful with someone´s Self, in relationship with others, for the nature and the Devine. Come, see and let you to be touched by practicing yoga – asana, karana (static position and dynamic movements to loose, stretch and strengthen the body), pranayama (feel and work with the breath) and dhyana (meditation) – the path to holistic health.
   14-30 of September 2017, Georgie Monro, I teach Vinyasa and Hatha style yoga classes, suited to all levels of experience. I come from an Ashtanga based yoga practice and have daily mediation practice, which I believe is vital for self-awareness, healing, mindfulness, mind/body connection and continual personal growth. I place a lot of emphasis on breath and movement connection in my classes. I am also an Exercise Physiologist, so my background includes knowledge of Human Anatomy and good biomechanics of movement. I love being able to apply this to my classes, as I think everyone’s practice is personal, meaning I can provide appropriate variations for individuals of all levels or people nurturing injuries. Aside from yoga, my hobbies include surfing and running. .
 Frances 04 – 31 of October 2017,Frances Rowley has been teaching Hatha Yoga at Hospice Of Mother Tara, Buddhist Meditation and Healing Centre, Bunbury, Western Australia over the past 15 years, as well as leading retreats, teaching in schools, sport centres, work places, the local cancer support centre and regional prison.  She now volunteers her yoga experience worldwide to non profit organisations.
Fran completed from her formal hatha yoga training in 2000 with Friends in Yoga, Perth.  Her teaching style combines her personal experience in the Satyananda, Sivananda and Iyengar traditions and is very much influenced by the teachings of the Buddha, as well as her living masters, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche and her very special mentor and friend, Ani Gyalmo la (Glenda Lee).Hatha yoga emphasis the breath, connecting the mind, body and breath together, to develop awareness, mindfulness and concentration. Simply being here and now, enjoying the peace and stillness, opening up the heart, mind and body through the postures with joyous effort will awaken us to our true nature, our full potential!  Hatha yoga is for everybody, let the joy of yoga bring about the changes you wish for, inside and out!  Gaia Oasis is a beautiful environment to do just that!  Namaste.
Madeline Claire 1 – 31 of December 2017, Madeline Clare teaches with dynamic integrity, balancing an ashtanga flow with Iyengar support in a truth that encompasses two profound yoga lineages to elicit greater insight into individual needs on the mat. With no single path to walk less excess discipline invoke a ridgity of practice, she looks to allow both to co-exist. Gracefully moving between, mindfully employing props within a steady flow of breath and asana, Madeline teaches with a sequential rhythm, without building reliance, but allowing quiet ease to unite body and mind through woven threads. Born in London, living in Australia, Madeline is a mother and an artist, teaching yoga and practicing ayurveda. She has been influenced by Jois, Swenson, Iyengar, Farhi and Carlisli. Her classes will be delivered with a strong intelligence, whimsical precision, a touch of humour and attention to safe practice.


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