Mount Agung Appeal


As of 21 November 2017, Mount Agung has entered an eruptive cycle. There have been ongoing phreatic and phreatomagmatic eruptions at the volcano, which have been generally slow and effusive. These eruptions involve steam, water, ash and occasionally magma. No explosive eruption has occurred.

Thousands of people are fleeing Mount Agung, some on foot. All are leaving behind their homes and whatever is non-essential. ID documents, a favorite toy, blankets, a handful of clothes, 2-3 schoolbooks, a cooking pot, prayer items, a harvesting knife, a carving tool… the decision on what to bring and what to leave behind is not easy.

We are hours, perhaps days or even weeks away from a major eruption as the mountain has trembled several hundred times, each time, with more force. Loud rumblings can be heard in villages many miles away.

Volcanic eruptions can continue for several months and the area may not be habitable in the next 12 months at least. Until then, families are splitting up, with the men going to look for seasonal farm jobs or work in towns, and women, children and grandparents going to evacuation centres.

We, at Gaia-Oasis are committed to helping at the Tejakula evacuation centre. After discussion with the village elders and evacuation committees, we are sending our employees to help at the centre regularly. We are also providing a water purification solution for their drinking needs, and 1053 packs of school books and pencils for the children. We are dropping food supplies regularly to the main Logistics Post servicing over 20.000 refugees in East Buleleng. These are the most pressing needs.

Baseline information about what is happening on the ground, what is needed in the next 12 months and what else we will be committing to is included in the report attached. Please check our latest update and donor summary dated 30 November 2017. Do also see their pictures. People remain strong even as families are splitting up.

Would you consider sending the equivalent of USD12 to sponsor school packs for 3 children to last them the next 12 months? If you can give more, for water, sanitation, blankets, vegetables and rice (food other than the instant noodles that have been donated), every dollar will go a long way.

100% of your funds (after credit card fees if you are not banking in directly) will go directly to the evacuees. Unknown to us, a passing visitor nominated our work and National Geographic Traveller UK  has just named us  their ’2017 Hometown Hero award for best social impact schemes.

Do join others who have started sending us their contributions to the villagers of Mt. Agung.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and blessings.

Yayasan Gaia-Oasia



Credit card : click here and select ‘Yayasan’ for payment. Type in the further details box ‘For Mt Agung’.  Details of how to bank into our accounts directly are also at the same link. We have a Bali (Rupiah/IDR) Account , a German ( Euro) Account and an Australian (AUD) Account.

Thank you very much !!!