Gaia Foundation

Yayasan Gaia-Oasis — or “Yayasan” as it is fondly referred to – works to better the lives and environment of the Tejakula community.

From our humble first step of providing books for local schoolchildren, we now fund 50 annual scholarships for students from poor families, to encourage them to build better futures for themselves and their families.

Additionally, Yayasan supports local art, craft, dancing and music — strengthening Balinese customs and people’s links to their spiritual traditions. Repair and maintenance of local Balinese temples, many of which are well worth visiting, is also an ongoing form of service.

Working with local authorities and communities, our environmental projects focus on education, restoration of fish and coral, organic farming, waste separation and plastic recycling. We are also working with villagers, to build alternative livelihoods.

Come join many others and participate in our volunteer programs ! For those unable to participate in our programs, why not make a financial contribution ? 10 Euro / USD from you could keep one Tejakula child in school for a month.