Our Story

We began this journey with a desire for community and a wish to care for Mother Earth and all her living beings.

It’s a continuing journey that has taken many twists and turns, as we experiment with creating a space for healing and awakening… one that is in sync with our values and with the green, rural heartlands of Northern Bali.

Today, that journey has manifested itself as a retreat cum resort and a non-profit foundation:

Abasan – a mountainside retreat that acts as the spiritual core of Gaia

Pantai – a beach resort where one can enjoy a relaxing vacation away from tourist crowds

Yayasan – a volunteer organization that works with the local community to improve local lives and the living environment in North Bali.

Read on to share Sabine’s vision which catalyzed the beginning of Gaia and brought together a group of people that have been shaping our lovingly imperfect community.