Our neighbourhood

Gaia is located in Tejakula, in the northern part of Bali, off the beaten track of mainstream tourism. We are the perfect location for those wanting to be nestled in a green sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist belt, but still desiring to be within distance of many interesting sights in Bali.

Only 20 minutes from Gaia, you will find the black sandstone temple of Ponjok Batu, one of the Bali’s most important sea temples. On the way to Singaraja, the former Balinese capital, there are many other temples, mentioned in every travel guide. The hill village of Ubud, famous for its art and culture, is only 1.5 hrs drive away, and the volcanos of Gunung Batur and Gunung Agung are within a short drive. If you are into dance, you may have heard that Tejakula is home to Bali’s most famous wayang wong: a classical dance featuring Rama and the monkey kings of the Ramayana epic.

Another good feature of Tejakula is its drier climate. Whilst most of central Bali experiences long and almost daily rainfalls between December and March, Tejakula has shorter showers and the sun will be shining on most days.


Health and Security

Our properties are set within small traditional hamlets where people are quiet and peaceful.  Generally there is no risk walking along the beach, up the mountains, or in the village.  First aid equipment is available in the office, and local doctors are available for house-calls.  There are modern, well-equipped hospitals in Singaraja, one hour away.


Gaia in the community

Where we live, most people make a living through farming and fishing. As far as possible, Gaia employs local people and procures its goods and services from the local community. Everything from our fetta cheese to our laundry and taxis are provided by the local community.  This allows us to lower our carbon footprint and contribute to the economic vitality of the region.

Gaia also contributes to the local community through many Corporate Social Responsibility projects organized by our non-profit foundation or “Yayasan.” You may be glad to know that a good portion of the profits we earn from your stay with us is channeled back to the Yayasan, and ultimately to the Tejakula community.

As a spiritual community, Gaia attempts to uphold good governance and promote institutional ethics in all we do. We are an ‘employer of choice’ in Tejakula, our staff are given time to participate in village communal works  (“gotong-royong”), and we maintain high standards of fiscal and environmental probity.  We believe in a holistic approach to life.