Gaia-Oasis is proud that we have been recommended by several parties and have featured in various blogs, newspapers, magazines and books in Bali including the following:

We thank all our guests, friends and supporters for your generosity and open-heartedness. Without your feedback, inspiration and recommendations, these accolades would not be possible.

We also thank our staff and our members for their outstanding hospitality, their heartfelt contribution, and for upholding the values that make Gaia-Oasis so special.

Gaia Oasis does not solicit recommendations; we do not accept offers to promote or recommend us by persons who have never visited our properties, nor do we accept paid recommendations.

Here’s what some of our guests and group leaders say about us :

As a group leader what I like most is that the staff is so supportive. It was a real thrill to see how creative everybody is and able to make an environment even more beautiful than we could imagine ourselves (and we have very good imagination for beauty!)
Carla Verbeck, Tantra Group Leader Netherlands,
That's so nice everybody is friendly and they do everything for you if you need something!!! Always if I leave this place I am feel so good and my soul is happy and I take a lot of this home and if I feel bad I think about the people there and I also feel good !!! I hope they will never lose their smile !!!
Sasa Hyssen,
For us as course leaders we appreciate the general climate of love and support in Gaia Pantai, we love the privacy, beauty, proximity to the ocean and the possibility for couples to relax without any outside disturbance. We also love the food and drinks..
Nura & Rahasya,
Gaia Abasan is just perfect and we love it the way it is. We value and appreciate the gentle care and service we receive when we are there and it is difficult, if not impossible, to think of anything we would want to change - we love the simplicity.
Sandy MacGregor,