Return to Paradise 4D/3N

Welcome back to the Island of the Gods! 

Gaia is pleased to present our Welcome Package for new travelers and for our valued guests returning to Bali. 

We are a CHSE-accredited hotel, meaning you can drive immediately upon arrival from the airport to our properties in Tejakula, and be assured that we meet all government health protocols.

In the unlikely event you have to quarantine, we will coordinate with the health department and with all local government bodies to ensure a smooth and safe experience for you on our property.

In Bali, mountains symbolize humanity’s relationship with Creation. The Abasan Mountain Foundation represents Gaia’s spiritual core and is the place where our vision was born. You may also choose to enjoy the serenity of our Gaia Beach resort located directly on the seafront.  Spend your first 4 days on our beautiful island, relaxing and enjoying our gentle, holistic approach and delicious plant-based cuisine.

Please see below for our special offer:

Gaia Oasis Beach Resort

Gaia Oasis Mountain Retreat