Abasan Mountain Retreat

In Bali, mountains symbolize humanity’s relationship with Creation. Abasan represents Gaia’s spiritual core and is the place where our vision was born. Here, the earth elements of nature combine with the vitality of rural Bali, to create an environment where you can reconnect and rejuvenate.

Abasan is the home of the Gaia-Oasis Foundation, a community focused charitable trust. We are bordered by a small bustling hamlet on one side, and by a protected community forest on the other. Abasan’s soundscape is a mixture of nature sounds and deep stillness, punctuated by the occasional bursts of local music and village activity.  Here, we are in the world, yet not of the world.

Dotted throughout Abasan are 4 large and 2 smaller Balinese-style bungalows, spread over 4 hectares.  The larger bungalows have two double rooms each, and the smaller ones are perfect for a couple. All homes are located at a discreet distance from their neighbours and come with fully-equipped kitchens and open-air bathrooms.  Each home is unique, lovingly furnished by their owners, and situated in beautiful private gardens.

Abasan also has a guesthouse built into a slope with expansive views. Located close to the salt water pool, it comprises 6 ensuite guestrooms without kitchens and is suitable for those looking for simpler living, in closer proximity to the nearby hamlet.

Please note that Abasan’s remote and hilly location may not be suitable for the elderly or less fit.  You can explore Abasan’s homes and 4 hectares of grounds by taking our photo tour.

Dining Terrace

Guests can spend many hours on our dining terrace reading, relaxing or having their meals. The terrace is an open construction shaded by trees and bamboo that looks out on a verdant valley. The terrace overlooks a rainwater collection pool, home to fishes, birds, water lilies and lotuses.

Our daily buffets and a la carte menu comprise a variety of delicious balanced vegetarian dishes from our Indonesian and western-influenced kitchen. We use eggs and milk in our cooking; guests wanting fish and chicken can order these 24 hours in advance. Where possible, we use ingredients sourced from our organic gardens or from local markets.  Please inform us if you have any special dietary requirements — raw food, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free — and we will be pleased to cater for you.

At our terrace, guests can freely help themselves to mineral water, green and herbal teas, Balinese coffee and cocoa throughout the day. Our friendly staff are on hand should you wish to order fresh pressed fruit- and vegetable juices, lassies, and specialist coffees.

Salt Water Pool

Our salt water pool is built on a mountain terrace, with uninterrupted views across the verdant orchards to where the distant ocean meets the sky. Play… exercise overlooking the resplendent valley… or simply relax on the wide stone terrace.  The pool is large enough for doing laps and there is a stone terrace alongside that is suitable for bodywork and yoga.

Walking Trails

Abasan is criss-crossed with walking trails that range from gentle strolls to more strenuous full-day treks.  Explore our four hectare estate, hike along the ridge dropping down to the Yeh Lalang river, or journey through traditional villages, temples, orchards and jungle gorges. Serious mountain bikers can bash down muddy tracks and rough village byways, or follow the road up to the hill villages for stunning views around Madenan.

Mountain Lotus Shala

Feel the early morning sun rays on your skin and find stillness even as the local community and animals stir quickly to the cacophony of life. Join our yoga, meditation or healing sessions in our Mountain Lotus Room. Located directly below the dining terrace, one side of the room is totally open, looking out on a lotus-filled rainwater collection pool and lush green surroundings. In this beautiful setting, you can relax, meditate deeply and reconnect with Creation.

Forest Shala

Located at the Eastern edge of the property near the organic gardens, our Forest Shala is an open-air bale, featuring illalang grass, hand-fashioned bamboo, and recycled ironwood flooring and pillars. If you look carefully, you can still see the post numbers and marks in the beams, from when they served as telegraph poles. Enjoy sea glimpses and the sounds of nature and local life while undertaking your yoga practice.

Towards greater sustainability

We’re not quite there yet but we do try! Abasan water is untreated, and comes from a natural spring.  We minimize the use of chemicals; our swimming pool is a saltwater pool and we have wastewater gardens and EM systems to filter grey water.  Our organic gardens produce delicious vegetables, following principles of reuse and recycle.  We reduce electricity by using low-consumption bulbs and natural ventilation instead of air-conditioning.  In line with this holistic approach, food at Abasan is vegetarian, and communal plus indoor areas are tobacco-free.

Our journey towards greater sustainability has been an exhilarating and humbling combination of trial, error and success. We welcome volunteers who have the expertise to contribute to our ongoing desire to live in harmony with our tropical surroundings.

Administration & Support

In total, Abasan can house 20+ people at any one time. Abasan’s facilities and activities, subject to availability, are at the disposal of all guests from both the mountain and the beach, and vice versa. Daily shuttles are provided between Abasan and Pantai, and meals can be taken at either area when not exclusively booked. Visitors can enjoy our library and guests can help themselves to free Dharma texts.

Our friendly Abasan staff are on hand for questions and requests from 06:00 until 20:00 hours daily.

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