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February 15, 2018 - April 5, 2018

Sabine D.

The 8-Step Success-Set
Bookings available from 15th of February to 05th of April 2018

Programme For Sustainable Success  
Sabine Debes, Founder of Gaia-Oasis

Imagine that you have resolved your main life concern to your satisfaction … how does that resonate? How does that look? Please fully imagine how that feels and how this could change your self-esteem, lift your daily spirit to have a clear outlook. How would that then effect your relationships? How would that effect your professional life?

Whatever your life concern is, you sure can handle it. Everyone deserves to be happy, everyone has been given the fundamental ability to fully utilize their potential, everyone has been given the fundamental ability to change.

If you would like to realize certain visions, or would like to resolve your life concern effectively for the long term, then I invite you to become acquainted with my newly developed, proved and tested 8-Step SuccessSet:

The Success-Set in 8 steps:

The experience of being able to create a small stable success leads to strengthening your self-confidence and is just the start for all bigger successes to come, acquired by ourselves! The purpose of the SuccessSet is to get used to effective actions. The pathway involves a positive change in character, not just in behaviour. Thus, the result is not only success in one certain area, but success that radiates throughout your life.

If you want to stay successful, it is not enough to implement an actual PLAN, but you need to INTEGRATE it and REALLY find your destructive habits. And recognize their impact. Otherwise, these habits will keep recreating similar situations. When we realize their devastating impact, motivation and energy to change is generated.

Eight meetings are just a minimum unit to achieve anything SUSTAINABLE and to understand the dynamics of a change process.

After the 8-Step Programme for Sustainable Success, you may like further mentoring:

I offer packages over one or more years to keep you aligned with your ever-evolving goals.

How and where:

We can start our meetings person in Gaia-Oasis any time you wish between the 15th of February and the 5th of April. Gaia-Oasis provides an optimal setting. And later we go on by phone, Skype or WhatsApp, as it suits best. You will see, it works fine. The sequence can be agreed upon together, sometimes maybe more frequent in the beginning and then longer intervals.

Requirements, costs and deadlines:

The basic requirement is that you are willing to take enough time for the 8-step SuccessSet. You will need to set aside one hour a day, just for you. This commitment to yourself is small compared to the benefits your desired outcome.

I offer a trial one-on-one meeting for half price, if we have not yet worked together, €60 (normal price is €120). If you consider my work style matches your needs, you can book the 8-step SuccessSet (8 subsequent sessions) for € 900. (In Bali this price is negotiable)

For more information or to register, please write to sabine@gaia-oasis.com


February 15, 2018
April 5, 2018
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Gaia-Oasis Beach Resort
Bali, Indonesia


Sabine Debes, Founder of Gaia-Oasis