‘Mecaru’ Tilem Sasih Kawulu (Dark Moon)

Pura Dalem Tejakula

This day is the celebration of the dark moon in the eight month according to the Balinese calendar or sasih kawulu. We hold the sacred Mecaru ceremony (upacara) according to Balinese tradition. It's an important ceremony in Bali, aimed at balancing the nature's positive and negative energy. The word 'caru' itself means 'harmony'; in Bali, […]

Melasti (Few days before Nyepi, the Balinese New Year)

Pura Desa (Bale Agung) Tejakula

This event is held to cleanse the holy artifacts held in local temples in Tejakula villages, and to focus the mind on God. The ceremony is aimed to clean all of Nature and to take Amerta (the source of eternal life) from the ocean or other water sources (lake, river, etc). The Tejakula people will […]

Tawur Kesanga

    Tawur Kesanga, The dark moon of the Spring Equinox, one day before Nyepi, is the climax of the exorcism ceremonies (mecaru) held at every level of society to cleanse the village before the New Year. Rituals are performed in order to vanquish the negative elements. Parades are held featuring Ogoh – Ogoh (fantastic […]

Nyepi (Balinese New Year)

Nyepi, This holiday is the Balinese Çaka New Year, a day of total silence throughout the island. It is a day of complete stillness, no work, no activity, no traffic, no people at all on the roads or the beach, no noise, no light, no electricity. The New Year is marked with meditation, in line […]

Ngembak Geni, Day after Nyepi

The silence of the Saka New Year celebration Nyepi, one of the most important celebration days, ‘breaks’ as the morning does at 06:00; the day still is a local holiday in Bali and families visit each other as it is a time for gatherings and short travels.

Tejakula Temple ‘Piodalan’ Anniversary

Ratu Gede Sambangan Temple Tejakula

In this chance, you are invited to join us to pray at the Temple 'Piodalan' Anniversary at Pura Ratu Gede Sambangan Temple. Ratu Gede Sambangan Temple is located on a hillside of Tejakula village which is quite steep but has a very beautiful panorama. The temple is well maintained. If you look down from the […]

Melasti (The first full moon after Nyepi, the Balinese New Year)

This major event is held to cleanse the holy artifacts held in local temples, to invite the faithful to purity their bodies in souls in the presence of their revered deities, and to honor the Gods.  It takes place on the first full moon after Nyepi, the Balinese New Year, which generally falls near the […]


Saraswati, This day is devoted to God's Manifestation as Dewi Saraswati, the beautiful Goddess of Knowledge, Art and Literature. On this day, books of knowledge, manuscripts and the Wedas are blessed and special offerings are made for them. In recognition of the Goddess’s gift, no writing or reading is allowed.


Pagerwesi is the concluding day for the ‘wealth’ series of celebrations. It signifies spiritual ‘reinforcement’. Its name, combining the words pager and wesi, suggests ‘iron fence’ in English. Anything of high importance, the soul and spirit in this sense, should be protected from negative influences. The day is the final significant highlight in this series […]


Galungan, This is a major holiday lasting 10 days, during which the gods and ancestors descend to earth, and Good (Dharma) triumphs over Evil (Adharma). Galungan features sacred temple dances, and ‘penjor’, tall bamboo poles splendidly decorated with woven young coconut leaves, fruit and flowers, beside every house entrance. Ceremonies are held throughout the island.


Kuningan, This takes place ten days after Galungan, bringing the holiday period to a close. On this day, a special ritual ceremony is held for Ancestral spirits.