Tilem or the Dark Moon

Tilem (dark moon) is a ceremony dedicated for Dewa Surya (the god of sun). Hindu Balinese people praying at the village temple in the afternoon. Tilem is believed as a special day to purify inner self and to eliminate all impurities inside of human being. In general, Tilem ceremony is a regular monthly ritual as […]

Saraswati Day

      Saraswati Day is held in honour of Saraswati who is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning is held every 210 days. The name Saraswati is obtained from two local Balinese words: sara and swaandthi. The two words translate to mean ‘the one who has all knowledge’ or ‘the […]

Banyu Pinaruh

  Banyu Pinaruh is one of the key events held during Saraswati celebrations in Bali. The event is celebrated every 210 days in accordance with the Balinese Calendar. At the core of this event is the celebration of the virtue of knowledge and the role it plays in the present day world. The name Banyu […]

Pagerwesi Day

Pagerwesi is a Balinese ceremony celebrated every 210 days according to the traditional Balinese calendar, just three days after the Saraswati festivities. The name of this ceremony is obtained from two local words: pager and wesi. Pager is a local word that translates to ‘fence’, while wesi means ‘iron’. The full word’s literal meaning is […]

Tejakula Temple ‘Piodalan Purnama (Full Moon) Sasih Ke-enam’ Anniversary with Wayang Wong sacred masked performance

Maksan Temple Tejakula

PIODALAN or odalan is a temple anniversary celebrated based on the day of establishment of a temple. Before the event, people do devotional works to prepare some platform used to contain the offering in the temple. After that, penjor is erected on the entrance gates at left and right side. Meanwhile, all shrines are decorated […]