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Tumpek Kandang

January 20, 2018

Tumpek Kandang is a special Balinese day that’s dedicated to animals, livestock and pets. Offerings are made for successful farming and animal welfare. They’re also aimed at the harmony of the environment and thus contribute to human sustenance and happiness. The day is part of a series of other Tumpek days aimed at the blessings of different subjects. Tumpek Uduh is for plants. Tumpek Landep is for metal objects and tools. Tumpek Kuningan for ancestral spirits. Tumpek Wayang is for wayang shadow puppets and art performances. Tumpek Krulut is for traditional gamelan music instruments. Like Balinese temple anniversaries, Tumpek days occur in a 210-day cycle on the Pawukon calendar.



January 20, 2018
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